Colour Scheme & Splash Screen

It was important that the colour scheme was appropriate on numerous levels. For one, it definitely had to fit the idea and the target audience, however I also wanted it to represent the culture and the type of places featured in the app.

For context, for those reading the blog without any insight into my project, – in short – the app is a booking/reservations app for shisha lounges and their restaurants. Additionally, users that are not familiar with these places will be able to discover new places, check reviews, the menus etc.

Shisha lounges – waterpipe, hookah, or whatever else you might call it – are establishments where young adults (18-35) go to socialise, network, party, or just chill after work. These lounges have joined the nightlife culture and weekend craziness, but are particularly attractive to Arabs and other British Asians and mainly Muslims as the majority do not serve alcohol. They are normally packed with people, however this is soon going to change due to the pandemic and the restrictions, and this is where my app comes in.

I was really inspired by neon lights and bright colours, and thought they matched the nightlife culture, the age range, and the vibe. However, it is still a booking application and so it has to be grounded just as well. While looking through images and creating a number of mood numbers, a common theme was bright pink, red, and blue. I created a number of different colour schemes, and settled on a cold scheme that blends between analogous and complimentary. The colours are white and cold greys with accents of bright blue and purple for neon-like touches. Bright blues are energising and refreshing, while purple is luxurious.