AWS Online Summit

Last week, Amazon had a free online series of virtual events and tutorials to learn about AWS and the services it provides. The events were in different levels depending on what you’re looking to achieve and depending on what “field” you’re in. I, naturally, attended the sessions for mobile applications as that’s what I’m planning to use the AWS for – big mistake! The sessions included:

  • Purpose-built databases for modern applications
  • Full-stack mobile and web development with AWS Amplify
  • Application integration patterns for micro-services
  • Event-driven architecture
  • A path to event sourcing with Amazon MSK

It sounds great, when you actually understand what any of that meant. I attended each session which were an average of 35-40 minutes, out of curiosity mainly, and they were actually really informative, however really complex and way into the depths of the back-end world – not what I needed or could even dream of possibly doing at this stage.

After looking through the agenda, I found sessions for those in start-up – difficulty level: just right this time. The sessions discussed:

  • Building Your Mobile App
  • Building Your Web Application
  • Using Public APIs
  • Building Your MVP on AWS
  • Growing Up With AWS
  • Analysing your data to grow
  • Leveraging AWS and AI to Understand User Behaviour
  • Scaling with DynamoDB
  • The Awkward Teenager: Learnings From One UK Unicorn’s Story
  • Content Marketing for Start-ups

Those sessions were great, and started from the bottom this time. However, as a whole I feel like the AWS suite is more complex than what I need and more suitable for advanced projects or great products that are already out and running and need to scale up.