Chatbots – Amazon Lex or Dialogflow

One piece of tech. that I’m interested and considering to include in my app is a voice and text chatbot, that would aid the user in the booking process. The two main tools I always got while researching chatbots were Amazon Lex and Google DialogFlow. I had actually started working on one with Lex, prior to looking into DialogFlow, however I might be changing. While working with Lex, I found it had weak intent detection, which is one issue a lot suffer from. When testing Lex, the question or request has to be very specific and using nearly the exact words of the intentions input otherwise it would not respond. So in order to avoid this issue, I had to input every possible utterance and wording the user might use when speaking to the bot. It also does not support small talk, unless the talk is again put in as an intent and I set answers. On the other hand, DialogFlow supports casual talk, and even has knowledge connectors, meaning if I provide the bots with documents or scenarios, it can train on them and then automatically give responses. It also has strong intent detection. I’m currently still looking into the whole AWS suite as well as the services Google offer for mobile applications, so we’ll see what happens!