Facebook SDK – Facebook Developers

There were two ways to let users sign-in using their Facebook accounts. The first one is through Facebook directly, or through Firebase’s authentication service. Since, I was already using Firebase for the database, and am planning to use it for the sign-up/sign-in using email/password method, and Google sign-in, I thought I might as well use it for Facebook. Nope. Wrong move. With everything I’ve done so far, it all seemed so easy to do and straightforward, at least that’s what tutorials make you believe, and I never learn that that’s not the case. Similarly to the documentations provided; unless you’re a developer that knows that what’s provided is merely the tip of a humongous iceberg, and you’d need to write (you need to know how to first!) numerous additional scripts to get it to work, there’s no way. So for the Facebook sign-in, i thought there’s no reason to go the hard way, when I can do it easily through Facebook’s developers console instead.

To whoever’s reading this, on a scale from 1 to developer, i am an easy -100 (if you’ve read the rest of my blog, you’ve probably already figured that out). I struggle so much with code, but being stubborn and enjoying smashing challenges and the satisfaction of getting something to work (even if it’s through tutorials and “unoriginal” code), I got myself into this loophole.

Back to the point, it works now! You can now sign-in using your Facebook account, and what’s fun is that the app will also retrieve the user’s profile picture to display it and their name, although it has failed to do so with the email address (I still need to find out why).