Firebase Auth. – SignUp/In Through Email & Password

Sigh. First let me bring that -100 rate on the developers scale to -500. This was probably THE MOST complex and confusing thing I’ve done, and if i’m ever asked to replicate this or do it again, I most definitely will fail miserably.

While I was learning about Firebase Authentication, everyone said signing in/up with an email and password is the easiest, and once you’ve got that down, authenticating through providers will be a piece of cake. Unsurprisingly, that was not the case, at least for me. The code was long and complex with so many things going on at the same time and nobody really breaks it down, which is what i’m looking for. Nearly all the tutorials I watched about this used the same source code, one from github (found here: Firebase Quickstart Unity – a whooping 900+ lines of code), and was then edited slightly depending on each project. A good chunk of the code is from the one provided by Google in the Firebase documentation.

I mean it’s great, it works and all, but I wish it was explained more and outside of the gaming area.

Here are some of the tutorials:

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