Firebase – Booking & Wait-list

For this app, it is essential to have it connected to a database, whether it’s for sending requests, notifications, storing data or for user authentication (signing-up and signing-in using different providers). Moreover, hypothetically for now, once the business has access to the manager version, they will be able to retrieve and update information and make sure requests are made by verified users, among other benefits, all through the database. Creating an account on Firebase and handling it is probably one of the easiest things to do, and the services it offers are great. Once the real-time database is set-up (and the rules are changed!), the rest is even simpler.

After building the basic UI structure, the next step was to start making it functional, and bring the features to life. I began working on the booking and wait-list functionalities, which are forms that the user fills in with the relevant information and sends over. These are then sent into their relevant separate “groups” on the database.