User Testing – Test 2 with Target Audience (Brief Update)

For this round of testing, my test subjects were all from my target audience; they were all frequenters of shisha Lounges (at least 2-3 times a week). There were 5 test subjects, they ranged in ages from 18 to late twenties, different genders, different social status, etc. First, they were given 4 tasks to complete on the app, to book a table, join the wait-list, sign-in and view past bookings, and find a specific menu (i.e the main tasks). The success rate was 100% with an average of well under a minute speed to complete. They did not have any issues with the process to complete the tasks, and found it pretty easy and quick to find things and do what they need to do. There was feedback, however, to add a feature which was the ability to cancel or change a booking within the app, which I had planned but forgotten about! Needless to say, I got to work straight away.