The Brief:

This was just one section of my final project during my Bachelors in Illustration & Visual Communication.

Timeframe: Early 2019


  • UI Design & Ideation
  • Branding, Wireframing, Prototyping

To navigate the prototype: Zejd Prototype on XD


About the Project

Zejd is a Lebanese olive oil company that, at the time of this project, were planning to expand into high-end western markets and were looking to re-brand their image in order to appeal to their new audience, as well as set them apart from their competitors at home. The re-branding saw a new logo and packaging, and a prototype of the company’s first mobile application.

The project, initially, was not a real commission. However, after I had contacted the company to ask them a few questions, they grew interested in what I was doing and it ended up as an accidental collaboration.

Looking back at this project now, especially after completing my MA, I could see numerous issues with the app and in the design. However, I’ve kept this piece in my portfolio because it holds a deep place in my heart. Because of this project, I decided to do my MA and delve deep into UX/UI design, mobile applications, and so on. My goals for this project were bigger than what I’d achieved, and I was determined to make it one day. I wanted to redefine what we knew about standard glass bottle products through adding marketing tools – like QR codes – that will connect their physical presence in retail to their online services, as well as actually developing the application. Couldn’t do it then, but I can now.

This project was the start to everything. 


Final Packaging